Welcome to Civil Werx

Civil Werx is a licensed general engineering contractor serving the State of Nevada. By using the latest software for estimating and 3D take offs for earthwork quantities, we are able to provide quick and accurate proposals as well as help owners and engineers with site design and balance. We provide site services for residential, commercial and governmental projects. Using the latest in GPS technology and years of experience, Civil Werx provides a quality project on time and within budget.


Civil Werx has a culture that is committed to excellence. By creating passion and commitment amongst all our members, Civil Werx is able generate the momentum needed to provide the quality of work our customers deserve. Our commitment to excellence provides a practical and simple way to build on the knowledge and experience of the Civil Werx team. Ultimately, this collectively benefits all involved by showing expertise in safety, quality, efficiency and team spirit.

Civil Werx holds a State of Nevada Class A General Contracting license (#78538) with a single bid limit of $3,000,000.00 bonded and insured.

Call us today for more information: (702) 800-2130