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Health Benefits
Full time employees will be eligible to sign up for medical, dental and vision insurance through the Civil Werx group plan after a waiting 30 period. Civil Werx will pay $250 per month towards the medical insurance for the employee’s benefit and $15/month towards the dental/vision insurance for the employee’s benefit. The employee will be responsible for the balance of the premium. The employee can sign their family up and will be responsible for that portion of the premium. The portion of the premium paid by the employee will be paid with pre-tax money, reducing the employee’s taxes and increasing their take-home pay.

Retirement Plan
Civil Werx began a company 401(k) retirement plan in 2017. Full time employees are eligible to enroll in the Civil Werx 401(k) plan after 6 months of employment. The employee has the option of making these contributions with pre-tax money or putting them into a Roth account, which will not be taxed until the money is withdrawn. Civil Werx has the option to make matching contributions at the end of the year, but does not guarantee that they will do so. Civil Werx did make a contribution into those accounts for both 2017 and 2018.

Dust Control
It is required for all employees to be up to date in Clark County’s Dust Control Class. Civil Werx will cover the cost of the class.

Employees are required to have their 10-hour OSHA cards. If an employee is promoted to a position where a 30-hour OSHA card is required, Civil Werx will pay for the cost of the class to upgrade to the 30-hour card.

Tuition Reimbursement
Civil Werx encourages its employees to attend seminars, workshops or classes that are related to their work at Civil Werx. Civil Werx may pay for some or all of those opportunities if they are directly related to the industry and the job of the employee.

4Federally Mandated Benefits
Civil Werx contributes to all federally mandated programs, such as Social Security and Medicare. Civil Werx and the employee both contribute to these programs. Unemployment Compensation is paid solely by the company on behalf of each employee. This is intended to financially assist qualified employees that experience a loss of position due to lack of work. Civil Werx also carries Workers Compensation insurance, which may provide medical, surgical and hospital treatment, as well as weekly compensation for lost work time.
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