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Available Positions

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Finish Blade Operator

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Heavy Equipment Operator

Pick- Up Foreman

Health Insurance

Full time employees will be eligible to sign up for medical and dental/vision insurance through the company group plan the first of the month following 60 days of employment. The company will pay 100% of the employee premium for the base medical plan. Employees may choose to enroll in the HMO or PPO medical plan. The company will contribute a portion per month of the dental/vision premium for the employee’s benefit. The employee is responsible for the remaining portion of the employee’s premiums and all premiums for any spouse or dependent they choose to enroll in the plan.

Retirement Plan

All employees are eligible  and encouraged to enroll into the company 401(k) plan the first of the quarter following 6 months of employment. Enrollment is only open during certain times of the year. Civil Werx has the option to make matching contributions at the end of the year, but does not guarantee that a matching contribution will be made.  In the event that bonuses are given, they may be funded into the 401(k) account if the employee chooses. More information on enrolling and contributing to the 401(k) is available from Human Resources.

OSHA / Dust Control

Employees are required to obtain their 10-hour OSHA cards. If an employee is promoted to a position where a 30-hour OSHA card is required, Civil Werx will pay for the cost of the class to upgrade to the 30 hour card. It is required for all employees to obtain and maintain a Clark County Dust Control card. Civil Werx will cover the cost of this class.

Tuition Reimbursement

Civil Werx encourages its employees to attend seminars, workshops or classes that are related to their work at Civil Werx. Civil Werx may pay for some or all of those opportunities if they are directly related to the industry and the job of the employee.

Incentive Program

Civil Werx is proud to offer our employees a share of the company’s profits when certain benchmarks are met.  Company profitability is reviewed on both a monthly and quarterly basis, and bonuses are issued anytime those goals are achieved.  This applies to all employees equally, regardless of position or length of time employed with our company.